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Prosecutors and Courts Now Seeking Verification of Attorney Membership in Minnesota Source Code Coalition

November 14, 2009

Guest Post by David Risk, Minnesota DWI Lawyer.

Roger Gershin, and David Risk

Roger Gershin, President, and David Risk address MSCJ meeting November 14, 2009

Are you, or is your attorney a member of the MSCJ Source Code Coalition? 

There is a concern that some attorneys have filed documents in court incorrectly stating that the attorney is a member of the Coalition or that the attorney has retained experts when that is not accurate.

Prosecutors are moving against defense attorneys who have filed motions for the Intoxilyzer Source Code but are not actively pursuing analysis of the Source Code.  At least forty (40) criminal defense attorneys have pursued Source Code Discovery but are not part of the coalition and have no plans to hire experts on their own to analyze the source code.

An attorney filing a Source Code Discovery motion must either retain an expert to analyze the source code on their own, or join the MSCJ Source Code Coalition.

Attorneys wishing to join the Source Code Coalition can click here for further information: MSCJ Source Code Coalition.  Prosecutors and Judges wishing to confirm defense attorney membership can also check there.  All MSCJ Source Code Coalition members are listed there.

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