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Got a Warrant? The McNeely Progeny, Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice DWI Seminar, January 10, 2014

December 20, 2013

This January 10, 2014, the lawyers from the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ) present the leading DWI seminar on the application of the Fourth Amendment to protecting the rights of the individual in DWI cases.  This Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course, for defenders only, is entitled:

The McNeely Progeny: Brooks, Bernard, Beyond & the Ethics of the Midnight Call, on Friday, January 10, 2014.

It is being held on January 10, 2014, from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, at the Marriott Northwest Hotel (formerly The Northland Inn), 7025 Northland Drive, Brooklyn Park MN 55428 (I-694, just north of Boone Avenue Exit).

Attend and receive the most leading-edge DWI defense information, research and forms available for defending Minnesota DWI cases – from the premier Minnesota criminal defense lawyers organization representing those charged with DWI.

This event focuses on training from expert DWI defense lawyers on recent developments in Fourth Amendment protections against unwarranted searches for chemical test samples after DWI arrests.  If police fail to obtain a search warrant, is the chemical test obtained to be suppressed as the product of an illegal search?  Many courts have held in the affirmative in recent cases, including the United States Supreme Court.



Topics include:

  • The Constitutional Fight Continues: Litigating and PreservingMcNeely – Brooks Issues.  Keller, Fisher.
  • Current Climate in Light of McNeely – Brooks: Pending District & Appellate Court Cases. Ramsay, Weissenborn.
  • Brooks. What We Won and What is in the Works. Sheridan.
  • The Ethics of the Midnight Call. Sessoms.

For defenders only: only DWI defense lawyers may attend.

This is the best Fourth Amendment DWI defense CLE – hands down. Materials provided in digital format for easy re-use later. Bring your laptop computer.  Don’t miss out!  3 CLE Credits to be applied: Including 0.5 hrs. Ethics.

A .pdf of the January 10, 2014 MSCJ Minnesota DWI Defense CLE flyer & registration sheet is available here, at the MSCJ CLE web page.

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